Dear Future Mumma

The things they don’t tell you….

The amazing community of families you are going to become wonderful friends with. The ones that are going to support you and understand all the emotions you are going through. They will have the best advice and will be there for you no matter what. Absolutely no judgment whatsoever. (Is this such a thing?…YES it is!!!)

“You will see them shine when they achieve things and the pride you will feel will be so intense it will make your heart almost burst.” đź’›

The friendships your little cherub is going to make are the most wonderful unconditional friendships you will ever see. The mateship is the best and the way they cheer each other on is something that will fill your heart with such joy.

You will become stronger than you ever knew you could, and you will fight the hardest you’ve ever fought for the rights of inclusion for this little babe. If anyone dares to question anything about this little one, your determination to show the world different will come from a place you didn’t know existed.

This child will show you the most unconditional emotions you’ve ever seen. They won’t be happy all the time (as everyone thinks), but they will be compassionate and very loving toward those they care the most about.

You will see them shine when they achieve things and the pride you will feel will be so intense it will make your heart almost burst.

The lessons this child will teach you, your family and friends will be some of the best lessons you’ve ever learned.

You will become an advocate and you will raise awareness so that everyone can learn about the wonderful and capable child you have brought into the world.

You will raise awareness to teach the world to give this little one and his friends the rights they deserve and to also show them that, even though they may think they are different, we are all different and that’s ok.

You will teach people to…..

GIVE PEOPLE A CHANCE AND WATCH THEM SHINE You will be amazed at how much everyone around you wants to learn about and see the achievements of this bundle of joy. They will ask you constantly what they are up to and what sort of things they are enjoying.

You will see their faces light up as they see your son/daughter approach them because they know they are going to get a high 5 or a big cheesy grin with a big wave and hello. You will see people really look forward to seeing your child.

Don’t worry and don’t let other people’s confusion slip into your mind.

Keep going along to see the other Mummas that are travelling on the same journey as you because these are the ones that will show you everything will be alright.

Be happy and excited because the world you are about to be introduced to is the best world you will ever be a part of.

Enjoy your amazing bundle of joy that is going to forever change your life for the better.

Julie Fisher

Mumma of Darcy

Darcy – Down Right Perfect!

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