Dual schooling with our amazing boy!

I recently contributed to the Making Chromosomes Count website, a little something that provides an insight into the dual learning education structure that Darcy experienced & blossomed with. 🌻

“Dual schooling sounded perfect. He would get the benefits of the life skills, speech, OT, physio and many other things the specialist schools offer, and he would also be able to experience the things his brothers did at Kinder and Primary School and maybe benefit from the learning there too.”

Full article can be found over at the Making Chromosomes Count website 🙂

Class of 2018, Darcy front and center among his year 6 classmates!

1 thought on “Dual schooling with our amazing boy!”

  1. All kids should be like this, not bully. The parents of these children are awesome for teaching them the right attitude towards people who are special

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