‘Watch Him Shine’

By Me

A little something I wrote for the Celebrate T21 With Us blog 🌻

“Darcy, you are an amazing young man that fills our home and our hearts with so much joy. Your ability to know when someone needs a hug, a laugh, or a pat on the back is something I wish that everyone in the world had. The compassion you show for people, especially when they need it most, is such a beautiful part of you. Your zest for life and the wonderful enjoyment you get from everything you do and try is infectious and I truly love it. You enjoy everything so much and with so much excitement…it’s wonderful to watch. One of my favourite things to do with you is to dress up and sing and dance our hearts away. You have done some amazing things in your life so far and I can’t wait to see the wonderful things that are yet to come.”

Full article can be found over at the Celebrate T21 with us website 🙂

Darcy, Watch Him Shine!

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