Give People A Chance And Watch Them Shine

Inclusion isn't something that anyone should have to fight for – but for many, this is an everyday battle that feels like it will never end.

It's time to make a stand!

Have you ever thought what it would be like if your child, or someone you care for, was made to feel like they shouldn't be somewhere or shouldn't do something that others take for granted? If you took your child to a play centre, park or the movies and they were excluded by others, just because they looked or behaved differently?

Unfortunately, this happens every day, to so many children and their families. It happens far too often to children with a disability, but it also happens to many children without disabilities too.

Why does this happen? Why do people think it is okay to do this?

As a mum of a young boy with Down Syndrome, Julie Fisher knows firsthand the heartbreak of seeing your child be made to feel like they don't belong. She has also experienced the flipside, where acceptance and inclusion made magic happen, and has made it her passion to educate others on the profound impact even the smallest acts of inclusion can have on the lives of others.

In this inspiring book, Julie shares real-life stories that demonstrate why we must promote inclusion not just in groups, clubs, and organisations, but also in our everyday interactions with others. The Magic of Inclusion shows us how the simple act of including others can be life-changing.



There are times in your life that don’t go exactly according to plan and this was one of them.

This is my story, and the experiences of my family and the birth of our son Darcy.

The world of disability can be heartbreaking, but it’s full of amazing people who teach us lessons every day.

I am not trying to say things are easy or hard, everyone’s stories are different.

Rather than looking at all the negatives, we made a conscious decision to focus on the beauty of every experience. Darcy is a son, and a brother and we want the best for him, so we try our hardest to make sure everything is set up for him to shine to his fullest potential.

This tiny little baby introduced us into a world we never expected or knew existed.  It’s a wonderful world of very caring people, who have no judgement towards others.  The world of disability can be heartbreaking, but it’s full of amazing people who teach us lessons every day.

I hope some of our experiences help people to embrace the beauty of disability and difference in people.

I hope it helps to show people that they should look at everyone individually and not what they can or cannot do.  There are challenges in life every day with people, not just people with disabilities.  Some hard and some not so hard.

It is important to be kind.  Darcy may have a disability, but it doesn’t define him.  He has the same feelings, wants and needs as everyone else.

Every child is different, every person is different.  Never give up! Each and every child is a blessing and we should do whatever we can for them.

They deserve it.